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One of the AllMeds core values is to "Put the Customer First". We strive to maintain excellent customer service. The practice is introduced to a customer service representative upon the completion of Go-Live phase of the implementation.

Operational Times: AllMeds Customer Service is available from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST, Monday - Friday. AllMeds Customer Service is available for all issues while you are seeing patients during your regular office hours. If a concern arises while not seeing patients, please leave a message and these concerns will be addressed the next business day.

Case Tracking System: AllMeds utilizes a customer service case tracking system. This tracking system logs all customer service issues and allows the AllMeds team to track each issue to its resolution. The customer service representative will regularly communicate with each customer updating them on the issue status and its resolution.

Proactive Customer Service Program: AllMeds Proactive Customer Service Program demonstrates AllMeds commitment to customer service. We continually monitor our client's satisfaction with our system and frequently initiate calls to our client's to ensure that the system is functioning properly and expectations are being met.

After Hours: After hours the customer service call is forwarded to a voice message that then pages the on-call customer service representative. The customer service representative will then triage the call. If the call is a work-stoppage (the practice are seeing patients and the system is down) it will be addressed as quickly as possible. System developers and systems engineers are available for Customer Service support for these issues.

AllMeds EHR, Practice Management and RCM Customer Support

1-888-343-6337 select option 2 (Customer Service)

Then choose one of the following:

press 1 for AllMeds Practice Manager

press 2 for AllMeds Electronic Health Record

or send an e-mail to:

MyAllMeds: General training materials and videos, release notes and announcements may be accessed on, an online resource available to customers 24/7. A MyAllMeds account and login is required, which are provided to customers during implementation or upon request to Customer Service. For more information regarding MyAllMeds, click here.

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