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    EMR/EHR for Otolaryngology    

AllMeds’ EMR and practice management solution provides Otolaryngology practices with the deepest, most effective, and useful clinical library in the industry. See why this is important to you.

At AllMeds, it all started with ENT.  In 1997, our founder and CEO was an Otolaryngology surgeon searching for an effective EMR solution.  Finding none, he created his own.  What resulted was a healthcare technology company that focuses exclusively on surgical specialties and a solution that works the way surgeons do.
AllMeds now serves more Otolaryngology
practices than any other vendor.

One of the primary reasons behind AllMeds’ success is the sheer depth and breadth of our clinical libraries.  A goal of any EMR should be to reduce the amount of documentation labor required of physicians.  But, while most EMRs allow the user to create their own data, they overlook the tremendous amount of labor and time required to do so. According to a recent HIMSS study, this is where most EMRs fail.
The creation of a truly effective specialty library can require up to 400 hours of physician labor (or thousands of dollars of consulting time).  Oftentimes, EMRs that only provide the bare necessities meet with never-ending implementation efforts or outright failure. Unfortunately, many practices only find out too late that what their vendor called a “specialty library” is really a small collection of templates (easily camouflaged in demos) or a purchase order worth thousands of dollars more to a consultant.
AllMeds’ Otolaryngology library comes equipped with a full suite of specialty-oriented clinical data, including much of what you’ll need to be productive on day-one:

    Otolaryngology-based protocols and algorithms (decision trees)
    • Complete content for Adult & Pediatric ENT services
    • Complete content for Facial Plastics services
    • Complete content and functionality for Allergy services
    • Complete content for Head & Neck Oncology
    • Complete content for Neuro-Otology

    Patient information forms (PIFs) and correspondence

    Templated histories and Otolaryngology-focused CPT/ICD-9 codes

    Prescription hotlists unique to Otolaryngology

Of course, you can customize and design your own materials, but most AllMeds customers find they spend very little time doing so. Actually, most physicians who use AllMeds EMR find they spend most of their time… practicing medicine.



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