Electronic Health Record, Practice Management, and RCM/Billing & Collection Services for Specialty Physicians by Specialty Physicians

AllMeds Celebrating 20 YearsOur mission hasn't changed in the 20-plus years we've served surgical specialists: improve the quality and economics of physician practices.

At AllMeds, we live up to this by:

  1. Empowering physicians with technology that enables higher-quality healthcare at lower operational costs.
  2. Providing back-office services and support so practices can focus on patient satisfaction.
  3. Maximizing revenue and reimbursements, minimizing overhead and days in accounts receivable.

Our suite of digital healthcare solutions and services is designed through close collaboration with hundreds of specialty clinicians and optimized for:

  • Simplicity: We put deep clinical data to action across every process in your practice, from your EHR’s clinical documentation, to coding, to billing management, to appointment scheduling and beyond.
  • Ease of use: We supply simple, strong and secure usability so you and your staff spend less time on tasks and more time providing exemplary specialty services.
  • Operational efficiency: We facilitate customizable workflows to increase practice efficiencies and patient engagement and decrease no shows and documentation errors.

These benefits have helped thousands of physicians and supporting staff nationwide reduce overhead, become more competitive and see real returns on investment. With fewer frustrations and more revenue opportunities, specialty offices can discover new paths to providing the best care for patients and maintaining their independence in an increasingly competitive environment.

We believe all types of independent specialty practices deserve the solutions and the support necessary to achieve low-cost operational excellence. That's why we chose the name AllMeds, short for "All of Medicine."

Find out how a partnership with AllMeds can help your specialty practice.

AllMeds EHR AllMeds Practice Management AllMeds RCM / Billing & Collections

Electronic Health Record

Specially suited for specialty practices

Better back-office processes demonstrably improve the quality of patient encounters. With AllMeds' EHR, clinicians have all the necessary tools at their fingertips to optimize patient-data collection before, during and after appointments:

  • Patient Portal facilitates swift and secure, online input of vital medical, insurance and billing information via most web-enabled devices prior to a visit.
  • ExpressHx™ expedites the collection of medical history data, including PFSH, HPI and MU at the time of visit.
  • An integrated eRx solution allows practitioners to prescribe directly through the EHR.

AllMeds EHR also supplies a robust specialty clinical library that makes it easy to record patient medical data such as symptoms, diagnoses and treatments at the time of visit. Precise specialty coding maximizes reimbursement values and prevents deviations from national and regional filing requirements.

Practice Manager

One window for all of your practice’s important tasks

AllMeds Practice Manager packs all the digital workflow resources your staff needs. With intuitive yet robust functionality, Practice Manager:

  • Streamlines appointment scheduling and eligibility verification with a multi-view calendar; Recall Queue identifies follow-ups and Wait List fills sudden openings.
  • Automates tasks such as appointment reminders while assigning others to front-desk staff based on patient needs.
  • Improves billing collection rates and patient engagement with features such as QuickPAY™ and PatientConnect™.

AllMeds' predictive workflow technology, SmartQ™, automatically identifies sources of inefficiency in all your front-office processes. The result is a medical practice management system that proactively resolves workflow disruptions and identifies areas of possible lost revenue .

Revenue Cycle Management

Billing & Collections that rejuvenates your revenue performance

AllMed's RCM services are uniquely tailored to help specialty practices boost their bottom line. Our temporary and turnkey Billing & Collection services equip your practice with a billing manager and a supporting team that function as an extension of your staff. We'll provide:

  • Patient payment estimator, payment posting, electronic statements, auto patient payment follow-up and real-time reporting.
  • Eligibility, verification, claims submission, denial management and customer service.
  • Clinical encounter, compliance coding feedback and specialty coding edits.

Innovative Services and Solutions

Healthcare innovation à la carte

In addition to its three core offerings AllMeds provides:

  • Flexible Enterprise Solutions: Implement a fully-integrated suite of solutions (EHR, PM, RCM) or choose the specific solutions, features and services that will yield the greatest performance improvement for your practice.
  • AllMeds|assist: AllMeds pioneered specialty-unique solutions 20 years ago and has continued to provide support services that are tailored for specialty ambulatory practices and a growing number of federal programs and mandates. MIPS|assist has helped practices across the US successfully navigate MACRA's complex Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and improve quality scores and reimbursement rates.
  • US-Based Support: AllMeds is entirely US-based, meaning that anytime you speak with our Support Specialists or Billing Experts or Trainers or Engineers (or anyone else), you’ll be working with people in the United States, who are intimately familiar with AllMeds’ solutions and the unique complexities of American healthcare.

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AllMeds Specialty EHR PM RCM

AllMeds Celebrating 20 Years

AllMeds EHR AllMeds Practice Management AllMeds RCM / Billing & Collections
AllMeds Specialty Practice Services

AllMeds Celebrating 20 Years

AllMeds EHR AllMeds Practice Management AllMeds RCM / Billing & Collections
AllMeds Specialty Practice Services

AllMeds Celebrating 20 Years

AllMeds EHR AllMeds Practice Management AllMeds RCM / Billing & Collections


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Billing & Collections

AllMeds Specialty Practice Services
AllMeds Specialty Practice Services