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An EHR as Specialized as Your Practice

Reduce Documentation  •  Improve Coding Accuracy  •  Simplify Patient Engagement

Electronic Health Record (EHR)AllMeds was founded over 20 years ago by a specialty surgeon to provide technology solutions designed for the unique needs of independent specialty practices. The solution created is so fundamentally different from the “one-size-fits-all” approach still offered by other companies, that AllMeds Specialty EHR is in a category by itself.

Today, AllMeds EHR is used by practices across the US to radically enhance workflows and efficiencies, reduce the time physicians spend documenting encounters, improve coding accuracies and billing performance, and significantly optimize their bottom-lines.

AllMeds EHR v11 is certified as a 2015 Edition Certified Health IT Module(s) compliant EHR for federal programs.
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AllMeds EHR v10 is certified as a 2014 Edition Certified Complete EHR for federal programs.
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Game-Changing Tools for Faster Documentation

Physicians greatly prefer practicing medicine, to documenting it. That’s why AllMeds provides tools that actually reduce the amount of time spent using the EHR. An intuitive and user-friendly interface combines with powerful automation to create fully documented encounters – chart notes, associated CPT/ICD codes, communications, prescriptions, and task distribution – much faster than other EHRs.

  • Automate encounter workflows with AllMeds' exclusive ExpressDocs
  • Instantly populate comments with quick keystrokes via ExpressPhrases
  • Quickly modify notes with customizable drop-lists
  • Use optional speech recognition for speech-to-text note-taking and verbal dictation
  • Store frequently-used outlines as favorites for fast access
  • Leverage documentation from previous encounters with Quick Merge

Extensive Clinical Libraries for Greater Accuracies & Easier Go-Lives

AllMeds' EHR features the industry’s most comprehensive specialty clinical libraries. Continuously developed by teams of medical consultants, informatics experts and practicing physicians, these libraries simplify implementations, improve documentation and coding efforts, and represent the foundation for AllMeds EHR's functionality.

  • Algorithms for intelligent decision-making and streamlined protocols
  • Specialty-specific templates and macros
  • Exclusive CodeSYNC™ engine for CPT/ICD matching
  • SureCode™ for CCI edits and efficient reimbursements
  • Expansive drawings library for patient education

Outreach Technologies for Effective Patient Engagement

AllMeds EHR provides cutting-edge technologies to foster efficient and effective patient engagement via the Internet, mobile devices, and apps.

  • Web-based Patient Portal with a practice-friendly domain name
  • Patient educational information via MedlinePlus
  • Secure messaging to facilitate patient communications
  • Efficient portal management within the EHR
  • Integrated access to patient-generated health data (HealthVault, Apple Health, Fitbit, etc.)

Greater Accessibility via Expansive Interoperability

Healthcare – and your office – is much bigger than your EHR. That’s why AllMeds' EHR works seamlessly with many of today's most frequently-used diagnostic equipment and practice systems.

  • Import & reconcile CCDs from other EHRs and providers
  • Easy access to Direct’s™ nationwide provider network
  • Implantable device information available in patient record
  • Specialty Instruments & Diagnostic Equipment: Grason-Stadler, Tympanometer, Xoran & more
  • Lab Services: LabCorp, Quest, regional labs and more
  • PACS: Kodak, Stryker, Sectra and more
  • Practice Management & Hospital Information Systems

Patient Histories in No Time

Build comprehensive patient histories with minimal staff effort by leveraging AllMeds’ ExpressHx™, Patient Portal… and your patients’ own efforts!

  • Efficient collection of PSFH, HPI and other critical data
  • Convenient, on-line forms & scannable bubble-sheets
  • Automatic data integration to EHR and PM
  • Increased accuracies by eliminating handwritten forms
  • Customizable for unique, practice-specific needs

Electronic Prescribing

Integrated eRx allows providers to quickly locate ideal medications and electronically send prescriptions to pharmacies for greater conveniences and heightened safety.

  • Reduce medication errors with decision support tools and contraindication alerts
  • Import patients’ medication histories for improved safety
  • Conveniently prescribe via mobile device with iPrescribe℠
  • Prescribe safely with access to PDMP and EPCS programs
  •  Monitor and improve patient adherence with PatientAdvisor℠
  • Customize specialty-specific, medication lists to quickly find common scripts
  • Employ individual and batch-signing functions

Uniquely-Effective Support Programs

After 20+ years of providing world-class solutions to specialty practices, AllMeds has developed truly effective support services and programs. Our teams – including Development, Implementation, and Customer Service – are all US-based and highly capable of addressing the needs of independent, specialty practices. And, our support programs, like MIPS|assist™, have assisted thousands of providers to successfully participate in complex federal programs and recognize valuable reimbursement gains.

To learn more about AllMeds' Specialty EHR, contact AllMeds' team of experts today.

AllMeds Specialty EHR PM RCM

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

AllMeds Specialty Practice Services

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

AllMeds Specialty Practice Services

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

  • Automate encounter workflows with AllMeds' exclusive
  • Instantly populate comments with quick keystrokes via
AllMeds Specialty Practice Services
AllMeds Specialty Practice Services