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Electronic Health Record (EHR)AllMeds' Specialty Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution consolidates the tools that optimize practice efficiency and effectiveness into one intuitive interface. With accurate coding and reimbursements, simplified documentation and workflows that enhance office-wide efficiency, AllMeds' solution delivers on EHR's promise and potential. Finally.

AllMeds EHR v10 is certified as a 2014 Edition Certified Complete EHR for federal programs.
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Specialized EHR for Specialty Practices

Steamline Documentation  •  Put Data to Action  •  Boost Your Bottom Line

AllMeds 20+ YearsAn EHR 20+ Years in the Making

AllMeds was founded more than two decades ago by a surgical specialist with a simple mission:

To improve the economics and quality of physician practices.

Many of today's practices have already shifted away from paper records, but maximizing the utility of electronic health records is still one of the most complicated challenges for specialty practices. AllMeds certified Specialty EHR tackles this problem head-on with a solution designed from the ground-up to address the unique dynamics and needs of specialty practices, including out-of-the-box integrations and mission-critical resources that help specialists and their staffs cost-effectively improve patient care, dramatically increase office-wide workflows, and decrease the documentation overhead that plagues most physician workdays.

Command Robust Specialty Clinical Libraries

AllMeds' EHR features specialty clinical libraries that are continuously developed by medical consultants, informatics experts and practicing specialty physicians. These rapidly-expanding specialty libraries greatly simplify implementations, improve documentation and coding efforts, and represent the foundation for AllMeds EHR's functionality, enabling:

  • Algorithms that assist with intelligent decision-making and streamlined protocols.
  • Workflow templates and macros.
  • Specialty-Specific CPT & ICD-10 coding capabilities.
  • Medical history and patient data repositories.
  • Customizable prescription drug lists.

Access to specialty libraries is half the battle when it comes to effectively managing clinical data; AllMeds has already won it for specialty practices.

Reduce Documentation Time with Powerful Workflow Automation

AllMeds' exclusive ExpressDocs™ facilitates better workflow coordination between providers, front-desk staff, and everyone else in the practice. Providers can quickly and easily document patient encounters and automatically initiate task distribution throughout the office without additional steps. ExpressPhrases™ allows providers to instantly populate notes with short or extended custom phrases, comments or passages based on quick, keyboard shortcuts. Alternatively, clinicians can use speech recognition for speech-to-text note-taking and verbal dictation to:

  • Easily document record histories, physician findings and diagnoses.
  • Order standard office tests and procedures.
  • Suggest and link to appropriate CPT and ICD-10 codes.

These streamlined procedures eliminate sources of operational bottlenecks such as communication breakdowns and delays in obtaining critical pre-encounter authorizations, allowing specialty practices to accomplish more in less time.

Prescribe Electronically

AllMeds' integrated e-Prescribing solution allows physicians to automatically send prescriptions to pharmacies or patients from within the EHR. Prescriptions can even be submitted before patients leave the exam room!. The benefits of this system include:

  • Minimized risk of medication errors with decision support tools and contraindication alerts.
  • Use of practice/provider-specific, customizable medication lists to quickly find common scripts.
  • Automatic compliance with Meaningful Use and other federal requirements.
  • Individual and batch Rx signing functions.

Prescription management has never been so efficient or intuitive.

Simplify Patient History Collection

Specialty practices can personalize their services with the ability to easily collect and store patient history. AllMeds' EHR simplifies this process with ExpressHx™, which leverages customizable, scannable forms that can be completed by patients and effortlessly uploaded to the EHR. Alternatively, patients can answer custom web questionnaires that are made available through AllMeds' online Patient Portal. This lets specialty practices:

  • Quickly capture and store PSFH, HPI and E&M data.
  • Minimize pre-encounter paperwork and improve patient flow.
  • Reduce inaccuracies by eliminating hand-written paperwork.
  • Make data more actionable, more quickly for clinical use.

AllMeds' EHR was also designed to integrate well with practice management solutions. Consequently, specialty practices have everything they need to optimize the collection and utility of patient data and medical histories.

Optimize Coding and Reimbursements

AllMeds' EHR has two primary coding modules to help specialty practices reduce coding errors that oftentimes lead to slower reimbursement cycles.

  1. AllMeds CodeSYNC™ for CPT/ICD-10 matching: Automatically match medical diagnoses (ICD codes) to the appropriate treatment codes (CPT). CodeSYNC is customizable and suggests treatments codes that correspond with diagnoses at the time of service to expedite claims submissions. Coding is more precise and billing cycles are faster as a result.
  2. AllMeds SureCode™ for CCI edits: Automatically check CPT/ICD-10 codes against AllMeds' EHR coding library to minimize rejections and expedite reimbursements. This simplifies potential billing snafus, such as bundling/unbundling issues and helps facilitate a faster, healthier revenue cycle.

The largest percentage of most specialty practices' revenue comes from insurance and Medicare reimbursements. Therefore, optimizing coding methodologies must be seen as a top revenue cycle management priority for independent practices.

Integrate with Your Existing Practice Tools

AllMeds' EHR has two primary coding modules to help specialty practices reduce coding errors that oftentimes lead to slower reimbursement cycles.

AllMeds' EHR functions seamlessly with many of today's most common practice systems. These include, but aren't limited to:

  • Specialty Instruments & Diagnostic Equipment: Grason-Stadler, Tympanometer, Xoran and more.
  • Lab Services: LabCorp, Quest, regional labs and more.
  • PACS: Efferent eVue, Kodak, Stryker, Sectra and more.
  • Practice Management Systems: Centricity, MicroMD and many more.
  • Hospital Information Systems.

To learn more about AllMeds' Specialty EHR, contact AllMeds' team of experts today.




Electronic Health Record (EHR)

AllMeds 20+ Years

AllMeds Specialty Practice Services

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

AllMeds 20+ Years

AllMeds Specialty Practice Services

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

AllMeds 20+ Years

AllMeds Specialty Practice Services

AllMeds 20+ Years

AllMeds Specialty Practice Services