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The Medicare Access & CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) imposed sweeping changes that will impact most Eligible Clinicians (EC) in 2018 & beyond: the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) & Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs).

To maintain financial stability in 2018 and beyond, practices that bill Medicare Part B must understand this sweeping new program, its performance requirements and how to properly leverage health technology.

MIPS|assist™ has been modeled on the success of other unique AllMeds support programs, including MUcare and PQRS|assist, which helped practices achieve valuable incentive goals and avoid costly penalties with crucial education and guidance. AllMeds’ MIPS|assist experts can help your practice successfully navigate the unfamiliar & complex MIPS-maze that will impact your practice in 2018.

MIPS assist

MIPS Education & Training

Practices enrolled in the 2018 MIPS|assist program receive customized education and training, which are led by AllMeds’ highly-experienced MIPS experts and designed to interpret the program’s complex requirements for your specialty practice’s unique environment and needs. MIPS|assist training will prepare your staff to efficiently collect MIPS data in AllMeds EHR and submit it to CMS via any of the three out of 4 available attestation methods. Educational topics include…

  • CMS Quality Payment Program (QPP)
  • Assistance determining the most appropriate QPP in which to participate
  • Review of MIPS’ four components
  • MIPS Scoring and Reporting Options

MIPS Coaching

AllMeds’ MIPS|assist delivers accessible specialists who are able to knowledgeably answer questions, troubleshoot issues and locate additional resources that are vital to the day-to-day functioning of a practice aiming to meet MIPS’ requirements and avoid penalties. Take advantage of MIPS|assist’s up-to-date educational and training services, designed for ECs, administrators and staff members. Learning opportunities are provided via cost-effective and efficient online seminars and led by highly-trained and dedicated MIPS|assist specialists.

MIPS Setup

Properly configuring your EHR to effectively operate at MIPS-required levels can be a complex task which most ECs and administrators would rather leave to highly-trained experts. Before participating in federal programs, practice-unique settings and workflow adjustments must be identified and implemented. The location and testing of Health Information Exchange (HIE) networks is required, vital clinical decision support rules are designed, and workflows for collecting critical MIPS information are discussed. MIPS|assist helps your group perform these intricate steps, moving your ECs closer to qualification and maximum payments.

MIPS Monitoring

Today’s specialty practices already have too many balls in the air to be expected to watch a myriad of scores over extended reporting periods. MIPS|assist provides a scheduled monitoring service prior to attestation that helps you keep watchful eyes on performance trends. With the assistance of AllMeds’ MIPS dashboard and reporting tools, AllMeds’ MIPS Specialists help practices monitor for “red flags,” to identify unique causal agents & call attention to the issues, bringing scores back into “the green”.

MIPS Audit Assistance

A random audit requirement is an unavoidable, legal component of every federal program that includes payments or incentives made to private entities. And, as with the EHR Incentives program, MACRA/MIPS participants must be prepared to answer questions from CMS auditors and provide documentation that accurately validates their attestation statements and payment amounts. To help you successfully participate throughout the MIPS program, AllMeds MIPS|assist includes two (2) hours of Audit Assistance with our MIPS|assist experts that may be provided during a CMS audit. If needed, additional hours of audit assistance may be purchased by active MIPS|assist customers at 1/2 the cost of the current, standard hourly rate. Audit Assistance must be used during the year in which the customer is actively-enrolled in AllMeds’ MIPS|assist program.

MIPS Success

Ensuring that your ECs successfully meet MIPS performance requirements and measurements is crucial to your practice’s well-being. AllMeds’ MIPS|assist provides you with the services and support needed to better ensure the proper setup, guidance and effective participation in today’s payment programs.

MIPS|assist Quality Submission Options

MIPS provides three different submission and attestation options for its Quality component, each of which have its own unique challenges and requirements. AllMeds’ MIPS|assist experts will help determine which method makes the most sense for your practice.

MIPS|assist for Quality Claims Submissions*

For practices submitting program data directly via Claims, MIPS|assist aids in the selection of your office’s most appropriate quality measures, works to maintain progress toward timeline guidelines and helps your practice avoid billing pitfalls that can easily occur with this method. This program includes three (3) hours of customized assistance.

MIPS|assist for Quality Registry Submissions** Provided by Practice Insight and Powered by Alpha II

Practices employing Registry submission for MIPS are able to report data for any of the program’s available measures. MIPS|assist’s Practice Insight component allow you to file MIPS quality measures at the same time you submit claims, without any additional steps. Alpha II automatically identifies claims that contain MIPS quality measures, which are analyzed to ensure each is measure-compliant and to help ensure you don’t get penalized. Measure corrections and resubmissions are facilitated without changing the status of the claim in adjudication or increasing AR days. This program includes three (3) hours of on-line assistance with registration, measure selection and training with Practice Insight/Alpha II.

MIPS|assist for Quality EHR Submissions

Practices may use AllMeds EHR v10 to submit data for any of the quality measures for which it has been certified. This method best ensures your staff of the least disruption, as it is already fully integrated with the EHR itself and, therefore, requires fewer ancillary resources. Thus, learning curves are also reduced, as staff members are generally more familiar and comfortable with the EHR’s interface. This program includes three (3) hours of training, assistance, MIPS portal registration and submission.

Participants submitting Quality Components via registries other than those above will receive a reduced MIPS|assist rate.

Note: Before enrolling in MIPS|assist, practices should first confirm their ECs’ need to participate in MIPS at qpp.cms.gov/participation-lookup.

*Practices selecting this MIPS|assist method must be using AllMeds APMe or AllMeds PM..

**Practices selecting this MIPS|assist method must be using AllMeds APMe or AllMeds PM & Practice Insight™ services.


Contact Customer Service at addonsolutions@allmeds.com for more information or to enroll.


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