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AllMeds RCM Billing and CollectionsAllMeds' Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services improve the financial performance and workflow efficiencies of specialty healthcare providers by tackling billing challenges and grinding tasks that are too time-consuming and costly to handle internally. AllMeds' RCM professionals are highly experienced in addressing the needs of specialty practices. Our unique, partnership approach boosts your bottom line and optimizes your processes to make your practice more successful, more productive and much less stressful.

With AllMeds RCM, your practice can recognize the following benefits:

  • Reduced Lost Revenues.
  • Improved Net Collections.
  • Reduced Days in Accounts Receivable.
  • Improved Coding with Feedback.
  • Lower Compliance Risks.
  • Improved Efficiencies for Patient Pay Responsibilities.
  • Reduced Overhead Costs.
  • Greater Staff Efficiencies.
  • Enhanced Customer Service.

A Solutions for Today's Complicated Medical Billing Environment

A Many practices can no longer afford to dedicate full-time staff positions to sufficiently analyze, process and troubleshoot today's increasingly complex medical billing and coding and reimbursement issues. This leads to growing stacks of denied and underpaid charges that aren't corrected and, all-too-frequently, end up being written-off. The results include constantly under-performing revenue streams, frustrated owners and staff, and, eventually, a distressed practice. It doesn't have to be this way.

Your AllMeds RCM team works all day, every day on your billing functions to ensure continual focus on, and constant improvements to, your bottom line. With AllMeds RCM, you'll experience faster and more complete reimbursements with a dedicated, partnership-oriented model that works as a natural extension of your staff.

Comprehensive and Flexible Services

AllMeds provides a comprehensive and flexible range of services that assist all of your RCM processes, from pre-encounter activities, to code-scrubbing and claims transmission, to adjudication and billing-collection services. AllMeds RCM can be implemented in a manner that best suits your unique needs, including limited, full-service and customized models. We integrate cutting-edge technology and our certified professionals into your existing resources and workflows to optimize every step of your practice's revenue flow:

  • Certified Coding Services
  • Claims Submissions
  • Payment Posting
  • Denial Management
  • Compliance Coding Feedback
  • Patient Cost Estimatior Tools
  • Automated Statement Processing
  • Patient Billing Phone Representatives
  • Collections Workflow
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Designated Client Manager


Your Practice, Your Team

AllMeds RCM is a professional partnership that works hand-in-hand with your existing staff to address reimbursement bottlenecks and workflow gaps that impact practice revenue. Your practice will leverage our certified coders and highly-experienced professionals to ensure greater accuracy, appropriate reimbursements, reduced overhead and fewer staffing headaches.

Your dedicated RCM team includes the following professionals:

  • Your RCM Client Manager (CM) personally supervises your RCM experience with AllMeds. Your CM will assist you throughout the implementation phase, provide regular feedback for workflow improvements on front-end processes and deliver Monthly Operational Reports to ensure complete transparency and optimal performance.
  • Your Billing Manager vigilantly monitors overall cash collections, A/R performance, claim denials and appeals to ensure that your billing cycle is flowing smoothly and efficiently.
  • Your Coding Manager delivers certified and critical feedback regarding coding compliance issues that, when addressed, increase your revenue and cash collections, facilitate cleaner claims on first submission, and reduce your practice's overall number of rejections and denials.
  • AllMeds Patient Services Staff provides efficient and helpful phone services to professionally respond to patient requests regarding statements, billing issues and payment questions.


Stability Throughout Your RCM Transition

Your AllMeds RCM team will be dedicated to maintaining your current collection levels through the transition to our services. In fact, many of our clients experience an immediate upturn in revenue during the transition period due to greater efficiencies borne of improved processes and the specialized skills of the team assigned to them.

AllMeds' has significant experience seamlessly switching both in-house and external billing functions to our RCM services. Your dedicated RCM Client Manager will ensure that your transitional questions and needs are addressed in a professional and efficient manner.

AllMeds Knows Your Specialty Practice

AllMeds was founded by a specialty surgeon, who understood that specialty practices function best with solutions and services tailor-made for their own unique needs. That's why AllMeds' EHR, PM and RCM were built from the ground-up to focus exclusively on practices just like yours.

And, for over 20 years, we've never strayed from our focus on specialty practices, which is why our solutions and services have consistently delivered unparalleled success and improvements to our growing number of practices.

There's No Better RCM Service for AllMeds EHR & PM Customers

AllMeds EHR and Practice Manager (PM) are fine-tuned for independent specialty practices, just like yours. They're improved, maintained and supported by our very own professional Development, Engineering and Customer Service teams right here in the U.S – which is why we know them inside-and-out and better than anyone else.

If your practice uses AllMeds EHR or PM, you won't find a Billing and Collections partner who understands them as well as we do, or who can make them work more effectively for your practice than we will!

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AllMeds RCM customers have recognized

21% in Increased Collections!

Claims Submitted, Processed and Reimbursed

  • 96% Clean-Claims Rate.
  • 2% Denial Rate.

AllMeds works as a PARTNER, not just a vendor

Tom McVan COO  |  Orthopaedic Associates of Central Texas

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AllMeds Specialty EHR PM RCM

AllMeds RCM Billing and Collections

AllMeds Specialty Practice Services

AllMeds RCM Billing and Collections

AllMeds Specialty Practice Services

AllMeds RCM Billing and Collections

AllMeds Specialty Practice Services

AllMeds RCM Billing and Collections

AllMeds Specialty Practice Services