Training Services

Training is the most critical element to the successful implementation of an Electronic Health Record system. The AllMeds Training Team has refined the training process based on years of successful implementations. The importance of Training cannot be overstated. There is a direct correlation between dedicated Training and the successful use of AllMeds. The goal of the training program is for you to accurately document patient encounters in AllMeds on the first day of Go-Live. The majority of our clients are able to see their normal patient load within a few short weeks after Go-Live and can maximize the workflow and efficiency of the practice.

Office Efficiency, In-Service, & Work Flow Assessment

A training specialist will analyze each office's efficiency by performing a Workflow Assessment. Each office has a unique workflow, and learning your workflow will assist the training specialist in developing a customized training program to optimize success of the implementation. The training specialist works with the Office Manager/Administrator and each individual physician to understand his or her practice patterns and discusses/determines how AllMeds will best fit within this workflow. The Practice Specific Elements workbook is sent to the Office Manager/Administrator for completion of office specific information to customize AllMeds to the office needs.

Super-User Training

AllMeds highly recommends that certain personnel within larger practices be designated as super-users, who will receive intense, hands-on training. These super-users will then assist AllMeds trainers in all phases of training. This builds expertise within the office team. AllMeds conducts super-user training at our corporate office as well as on-site.

Initial training - Phase I

Depending on the size of the office, this training will take place over a multiple of two - three day sessions. Your success with AllMeds will largely depend on the commitment you put forth during these training days. A detailed agenda will be based on the information gathered during the Workflow Assessment.

Hands-on with AllMeds

As a continuation of Phase I, staff members will be given access to AllMeds to gain valuable practice documenting patient encounters. They are given scenarios to document that will enhance their use of the AllMeds system. More time exploring the program means greater comfort for Go-Live.

On-site Refresher training - Phase II

AllMeds trainers return to meet with the staff members who have completed Phase I for a day of refresh training which includes: Questions and answers from initial training, more advanced program tools, hands on practice, and preparation of encounters for Go-Live.

Support Staff Training

The AllMeds trainers will work with the Office Manager/Administrator to document and train all members of the office support staff in tasks necessary for a smooth transition to using AllMeds in the office.

Go-Live- Phase III

The final phase to the implementation process is known as "Go-Live". The AllMeds training staff will be there to support the physician(s) and staff with questions and assistance.

Additional Training

Additional training can either be conducted on-site or online and scheduled through Customer Service or your Training Specialist. It is available after Go-Live and is customized to meet the client's needs and address specific questions that may arise. This training serves to deliver a more in-depth understanding of the advanced tools available in AllMeds.

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AllMeds Specialty Practice Services
AllMeds Specialty Practice Services
AllMeds Specialty Practice Services